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I'm in the market for a concealed carry piece. My thoughts are on a USPc in 9mm or .45 and on the new HK45c when it comes out. P30 is out because I like the external safety and SA C&L carry.

I currently use a USPF9mm and love it. This was my first gun and I have shot 6000 rounds in 2 years, so, the feel of it is all I have known versus the occasional shooting of other peoples guns. I shot the P2000 in .40 one time but it was LEM and I wasn't a big fan of .40 or the LEM. I've shot the USP45c and it felt pretty good. With a little more practice I'm sure I can dial it in like my 9mm.

I prefer V1 and carry cocked and locked and like either the 9mm or .45. I have above average hands, but not meat hooks, and the blocky grip of the USPF's or USPc's have never bothered me even in 45.

Question: Will the P2K style adjustable backstrap on the HK45c adjust to a large grip like I'm accustomed to or does it always have a slimmer feeling profile to it?

Basically, are there people out there who don't like the smaller P2K grips even with the biggest option on?


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