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P2000 V2 LEM to V1

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I have already ordered the FPBS and TRS, they should be here tomorrow. I have read all 41 pages of Bigbores thread concerning the conversion.

Here is my question for those who have done it. When I shoot, I generally pull all the slack out of my LEM trigger up to the where it feels like a single action and stops, then I align and pull through.

Will I be able to do that after converting to V1? Will it still have that wall, so to speak? Or will it be so light that it will act more like a Kahr trigger in that you have a long pull and it just breaks?

Depending on the responses I may just put in the BPBS and leave it at that.

Thank you
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The take-up and pull will be the same as V2.
You will still feel it, it will just be lighter take up and lighter break.
Thank you both. Just got home and discovered my care package from HKParts showed up a day early. But I just finished an 18 hour day and have another one tomorrow. So I think I will wait tillFriday morning to tackle this.

Thanks again.
its a sweet pull when done i cant compare it to stock because mine was already done when i bought it but on the gauge mine shows 4lb 11oz
Can't wait. Before I went to bed, a little while ago, I did go ahead and put the HK45c mag release in my P2000.

That's the best mod I have ever done to a gun. Before to be honest, if I was dropping the mag with it full and one in the chamber, I just about had to use my middle finger and my thumb to release it. I can release it with my pinky now. Would have never thought that tiny bit of extra length would have given so much leverage.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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