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p2000 v2 not available??

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I placed an order with a guy I know for a p2000 v2 in 40 s&w last night only to get a call this morning where he told me he's only able to order the v3. Has HK stopped importing them or are government contracts snatching all of them up? I have been wanting this pistol for a longgggg time so any information would be greatly appreciated so I can formulate a plan to get one of these things in my possession as soon as i can and mend my little broken heart that I have right now lol
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I see tons of them for sale on other gun forum classifieds. If it can be LNIB and doesn't have to be NIB, you can find one quickly and probably save quite a bit.

I'm taking me P2000 LEM V1 .40 off right now because it's time for bed.:wink:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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