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p2000 v2 not available??

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I placed an order with a guy I know for a p2000 v2 in 40 s&w last night only to get a call this morning where he told me he's only able to order the v3. Has HK stopped importing them or are government contracts snatching all of them up? I have been wanting this pistol for a longgggg time so any information would be greatly appreciated so I can formulate a plan to get one of these things in my possession as soon as i can and mend my little broken heart that I have right now lol
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hmmm that would make sense to why they aren't available. The father shop to my local gun shop has a new one but it is in 9mm and idk how I feel about going down to that because I've only shot 40 and 45 and because I'm not very knowledgeable of how well the 9mm fairs as a self defense round
Thanks for the info Darebear I'll be sure to do more reading on the 9mm so it can have a fair shot. Have to say though 01deuce's solution is verrry appealing.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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