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p2000 v2 not available??

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I placed an order with a guy I know for a p2000 v2 in 40 s&w last night only to get a call this morning where he told me he's only able to order the v3. Has HK stopped importing them or are government contracts snatching all of them up? I have been wanting this pistol for a longgggg time so any information would be greatly appreciated so I can formulate a plan to get one of these things in my possession as soon as i can and mend my little broken heart that I have right now lol
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Not sure of which is what (LEM vs conventional DA/SA/decocker) on the P-series pistols... but I was scrambling to find a P2000 .40 LEM last year when the wife decided to upgrade her carry caliber.

HK told me that P2000 LEM production has been a "work in progress", in regards to moving it here; apparently, the LEM doesn't sell well in Europe, and he said that the new contract they had just signed with DHS for a quantity of .40 P2000 LEM pistols stipulated that they be produced here. So one would assume they're gearing up Wilcox to do it.

All of this is hearsay (albeit from a guy at HK when I called to see if they had one), but I can tell you that in July/August of last year, there simply weren't any .40 P2000 LEM pistols to be had. I found a used one at a gun store, and a NIB example at, of all places, a gun show. So I lucked out. Haven't looked in a while, so I have no clue what the current situation is.

Depends on your definition of "too many".

I had no use for .40 S&W... until my bride decided she wanted to "upgrade" from 9mm. She wanted to stay with her beloved P2000, so that narrowed the field quite a bit.

I have since begun reloading for it, and acquired a couple of USPc .40s for me. True enough, she and I don't do 9mm anymore, but my grandson does with his favored Beretta 92, so I still have to keep him fed; meaning I have .45, .40, and Euro Pellet to "manage".

Caliber changes on a Dillon 550 are relatively painless...:wink:

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