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P2000 V2 to V1 to V4.1 Questions and concerns

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I have changed my P2000 v2 to v1 (light lem) using the following parts:

Firing Pin Block Spring (light) #209296
Trigger Return Spring (light) # 209266

I have recently also installed the v4.1 conversion set from HKparts which included:

Hammer #207934
Catch #207933
Compression Spring #207932

Now, my first question is, after looking through exploded diagrams, where does the compression spring go? is that even required for the P2000? I was only able to find it on diagrams of the P30 near the recoil spring.

Second concern, is that while pulling the trigger in "second strike" mode, not firing, and then slowly returning the trigger to it's neutral position, is that the trigger releases into what feels like a "decock" where the trigger goes back but the hammer does NOT strike the firing pin. I attached a video where you can see it in action:

Third, while in the normal light LEM pull, there seems to be some play with the trigger where I can move it a few millimeters back and forth and the trigger will stay where i push/pull it to. Is this normal? I also attached another video for that
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I chose to post in this thread rather than start a new one. I hope I made the right decision.

Like the OP, I just converted my P2000 V1 to V4.1, or so I thought. I bought the parts kit from HKParts where the listing claims that the kit will reduce pretravel by about 5mm. Prior to conversion, I made a pencil mark inside the trigger guard of where my V1 trigger reached "the wall". After conversion the trigger goes to the exact same point. Did I do something wrong, or am I just the latest chump to waste $80 on a V4.1 parts kit? I see no improvement and I am really disappointed. What am I missing?
Thank you for the clarification. I most definitely misunderstood. V4.1 parts have been removed, V1 parts reinstalled and so it shall remain. Big disappointment and waste of time and money.
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