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I compete in some IDPA-like matches in the Back-up-gun division where I live and wondered if I could modify my mags to accept 11 instead of only 10 rounds. No, I wasn´t just that bored... The thing is that rules say not to use any longer mags but those originally supplied with the gun and stages can be up to 12 rounds at the same time - with 10+1, I have to reload while owners of G26 (12+1) or XDs (even 15+1) don´t. So I was trying to push in that 11th round and saw that there was only like 3-4mm of space needed. Let me see, that got to work somehow...

If You load the mag with 10 and remove everything but the ammo and follower, it looks like this:

Add the extra round, and... sure it doesn´t fit, the tail of the follower is too long!

And not just the tail. The bottom spring pad hits the middle part of the follower too soon as well and can´t be pressed all the way in.

Notice we´re talking about only 2-3mm here.

Now take a deep breath and start filing Your expensive HK parts down ;)


The tail is shortened by circa 4mm (found at the end that 3 would be enough - keep it as long as possible, it´s quite a necessary part stabilizing the whole thing). I removed like 2mm from the middle part.

Bottom spring cap:

Original in the middle, one I filed down by 2mm on the left and USPc original on the right - see it´s already lower than the P2kSK one? Can´t be used in the SK mag however, as it´s quite a bit wider and doesnt fit.

Now the modified follower on top of 11 rounds in the mag:

See the clearance is approximately the same as with 10rds+untouched follower combo.

Check the bottom spring pad to fit completely in the tube, and reassemble the mag... Your 11-rounder is finished in about 5 minutes, and what´s the most important, without having to touch the spring!

On a side-note regarding the spring - it sure is more compressed, and as it stays without question that HK engineers know their job, I´d suggest that 10-round load certainly is the long-term optimum. I´ll continue to carry 10+1 in my P2kSK, but now I have the possibility to load that one extra round if the need comes by.

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Couldn't you just use the .40 S&W P2000SK mags? I don't have a P2000SK in 9mm, but I think one of my p2k mags is marked 9/40/.357 Sig. I have loaded a mag with 9mm just to see what it comes out to, and I think I can get 2 - 3 extra rounds.
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