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Took my P2000sk to my (and its) 2nd competition. The first one I took it to was an IDPA competition in Kentucky, where I finished 5th of 29. When I got to that competition, I was laughed at by several people who thought I was dumb to bring a .40, dumb to bring a subcompact, dumb to bring a DAO, and dumb to bring a high-bore axis HK. They didn't laugh for too long.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I didn't do so well. Granted, I still finished middle of the back (30th overall out of 47). My overall stage finishes (out of 47), were 12th, 7th, 31st, 17th, and 43rd. It should be easy to see that I lacked consistency.

But here's the fun part:

I hadn't shot the P2000sk (or any LEM gun) for 4 months. The gun I've been shooting most was my P7, my savage .308, and my AUG A3. Because I hadn't maintained muscle memory for the trigger pull, I was VERY bad on it. I also did a HORRIBLE job of seeing the front sight. Specifically, halfway through the run where I was 43rd, I KNEW it was a horrible run, I KNEW what I was doing wrong, and I just REFUSED to slow myself down, and worst of all, even when I missed a paper target (while moving @ 15 yards or so), I didn't even bother to put any more rounds on it.

I used my "shoulder holster" loadout, but with belt accessories. By that, I mean I had the gun ready with a 12 rounder and an X-Grip, with two 12 rounders with no X-Grips in a mag carrier.

All told, the little SK did a VERY good job. I still have all the confidence in the world in this gun. The only failures were:

- Slide failed to lock back one time. No doubt because I was gripping it in a way to interfere with the slide release.
- Mags had some trouble dropping free. No doubt because I hadn't done a good job of cleaning and lubing the grit out of the magwell and the mags themselves.

And the next day, I took a lady friend to shoot the P2000. Good weekend. ;)

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