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Great choice!

I saw one at my local shop today. Has anyone ever had any experience with one of these in this cliber/ Just wondering how the round stands next to the 9mm/40SW as far as stopping power. Don't need a debate, but i have very little info on the round. I would imagine the recoil would be nice. This gun camw with what appeared to be 2 8 round mags. Priced at $620.00 and looked very nice.


I have a few USPC's in .357 SIG. The .357 SIG is an extremely powerful round. In terms of ballistics, this caliber is very flat shooting and produces very high velocity and accuracy. The recoil is slightly greater than a .45,but less than that of the .40 IMO.

The P2000Sk is an outstanding weapon in the .357 platform, so long as it fits your hand to accomodate good control.

The cost of .357 ammo is a deterent for some, but it's worth the price of admission IMO.

Good luck in your decision;

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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