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Hey guys n gals,
I was recommended this site by a close friend of the family, actually the guy who got me into the shooting sports and more importantly the world of HK! anywho, i recently purchased off of him a p2000sk in phenomenal condition (of the only 200 +/- rds put through it, I put all but the first ten because he didnt like the feel of the gun in his hand). anywho, i am looking to add a tactical light, possibly with an integrated lazer sight, to be kept on the gun at home for those "just in case" instances. anyone have any recommendations for me as to what brand/model and where is a good place to purchase such an item? thanks alot.


P.S. Tried posting this over in the noob section (thinking it would be the most appropriate section for my first post) w/o response, so im turning to you guys for help.
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