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I have had my P2000SK LEM for 6 years now. Just about flawless. A couple of thoughts:

- If you have a hard time getting comfortable with the stock magazine base plate that squeezes in your pinky, try either a flat plate (pinky under) or a P30SK base that makes for a very comfortable perch for your pinky. Direct fit and both are more comfortable than the factory baseplate IMO

- holsters - Vedder Light Tuck is excellent for AIWB and what I use for mine. I've had that first holster that was posted and it is fine but I found it very squeaky. Might want to give the Wright Leather Works Predator a look - I have one for another gun and it is excellent.

Full size magazines work just fine and an X-Grip makes them a very comfortable option.

I recently switched out my firing pin block spring for the "light" one and the reduction in trigger pull at the wall to break the trigger is very noticeable. Much better, IMO, while still preserving the very cool characteristics of the LEM as a carry trigger system.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts