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P2000sk slings brass?

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My "new" p2000sk (40 smith, looks pretty well used, not as advertised by any means) slings brass about twice as far as the newer P30L, so I'm just wondering.... No failure to feed, fire, or eject and this is with the Winchester 180 grain HP ranger load. Is this "normal" and what I can expect? Is the replacement spring on HK Parts the same spring for the 9mm, 40 & 357 Sig? Love the weapon, but it is slinging the brass quite a way at the range. Thanks in advance, tim

P.S. No, you can't have it to "help" me with my question...
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This may be a normal occurrence as my P2000SK in .40 S&W also throws its brass approximately 3' farther, on average, than my P30LS in the same caliber. This has been the case from the first rounds fired from these pistols to date. Also, neither throws its brass a distance I would characterize as excessive. I don't think it has anything to do with the condition of the recoil spring assembly in your SK.
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