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Here are the two pistols that will be fighting it out to be the next official defensive sidearm for my house. It's come down to these final pistols and I love them both. I think the X2L might have pushed the HK to the top. Tomorrow I am off to the range to make my final decision. The looser will become a safe queen and live it's days as a foundling piece. The X2L is amazing tactcial light/laser and fits perfect on the P2000SK frame. It seems to be a match made in heaven.


i have to agree. for me size plays a big role in controlling the firearm. control has alot to do with efficient follow up shots and thats sometimes necessary. for me i might just pick up the glock and see what its all about :)

i just like big guns with big controls, it keeps things simpler for me

although i wouldnt choose a p2ksk over glock for the size, i would NOT HESITATE to use a full size p2000.

congrats either way, BOTH are beautiful guns! in the end its what feels best for you! so let that be the ultimate decider
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