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P2K Issue

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Dear Friends,
I have bad news about my P2K.
As you remember, GregBell tried to destroy his P2K for a while, but he could not achive it.
After approximately 700 rounds of shooting and a thousand times of dry firing I achived to break my P2K's firing pin spring. I was dry firing last night with an empty case in the chamber. After only 10 or 15 times of dry firing, I observed a different sound coming from the slide when the hammer touched it. First I thought that it was the firing pin retaining roll pin or the firing pin itself. I took out the retaining roll pin and disassembled the firing pin and saw that the firing pin spring was broken. It was broken to three seperate parts.
I will add pictures as soon as possible.
I am lucky with having such an issue at home.
This is the second time I experience a firing pin spring breakage. The first one I achived to break was my BHP MKIII's firing pin spring. It was also occured during dry firing despite of using an A-Zoom's snap cap. I also had a firing pin retaining roll pin breakage with my CZ75B.
I used to think that the HKs were safer to dry fire, especially after the firing pin design change. After replacing the spring, I will definetely avoid dry firing even with a snap cap in the chamber.
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I will add pictures as soon as possible.
How ya doin?
uhhh.....maybe not so much dry firing :20000000:
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