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P30 9mm DA/SA to LEM Conversion

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Ok I have one P30 9mm and another one on the way to me for my second one. I have looking around the site and could have sworn I read a post about changing the P30 with the DA/SA trigger set up over to the LEM trigger. I have also been looking to see which kit I would need to be able to do this as I remeber seeing in the thread I read that it could be done but the place where the decocker sits on the rear of the frame would have a little open slot.

Who here has done this conversion and how long or hard was it do it? I can build AR15's and trip down SIG's for the most part and work on them. Is the H&K a little bit harder to do? Also does anyone know if there are any H&K armors around KY? If I had to I would get the parts kit's for the conversions and then just take the guns over the the armor and have them do it for me.
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I have not done one of these as my P30's were bought as LEM.

here is what you need

HK P30 LEM Trigger Kit, RTG Gun Parts
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