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P30, Act II. Now with 100% more LEM!

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I went to the range today to do this minus the press six and with some improper targets. The par timer on my android IPSC shot timer app (that doesn't pick up shots) doesn't have the ability to enter in decimals, so I spotted myself a half second on a few of the drills with x.5 second pars.

◊ Hackathorn Three Target Test (round count: 18)
NRA five-yard bullseye centers
10 yards, from the ready
6 rounds slow fire All Black
6 rounds in 10 seconds -2 Black and WAY under Par
6 rounds in five seconds -3 Black and still WAY under par
◊ One – Reload – Two (round count: 15)
round in chamber, empty mag in pistol, full spare magazine
5 yards, -0 body of IDPA target, from draw, 5 iterations All clean, all under par, will go for 5 seconds next time
individual par or par = 6.00 sec.
◊ Dot Torture (round count: 50)
3 / 5 yards (3 yards for par time stages, 5 for slow fire stages)
#2 par time: 4 seconds
#3 and #4 par time: 5 seconds
#6 and #7 par time: 8 seconds
#9 and #10 par time: 7 seconds Used these par times, shot a 47 at 3 yds. I had an AD on the pressout for dot 3 that went into dot 1, the other drops were poor trigger pulls (imagine that!)
◊ Bill Drills (round count: 24)
5 yards, from draw, 4 iterations
individual par or par = 3.5 sec. Gave myself 4 sec #1 didnt meet par, double clutched shot 5 #2 clean, #3 -1 under par, #4 -1 under par. Love this drill, got me much more comfortable will manipulating the trigger more quickly.
Six shots are fired as quickly as the shooter can achieve six hits on the target.
◊ Press Six = (round count: 62) skipped for now

I took poor notes on this section
◊ Hackathorn Self Defense Practice Drill (round count: 30)
IPSC target
5 yards, 1 ½ seconds, from the ready, one shot to head. (X3) gave 2 seconds, dropped 1 shot
5 yards, 2 seconds, draw, one shot to head. (X3)missed par once
5 yards, 2 seconds, from the ready, SHO, two shots to body. (X2) clean
7 yards, 2 seconds, facing target, draw, two shots to body. (X1) missed par
7 yards, 2 seconds, facing 90° to left of target, draw, two shots to body. (X1) missed par dropped one
7 yards, 2 seconds, facing 90° to right of target, draw, two shots to body. (X1) missed par dropped one
7 yards, 4 seconds, withdrawing to 10-12 yards, three shots to body. (X2) missed par dropped 2, made par clean
10 yards, 3 seconds, start with gun on target and slide locked back, reload and fire one shot to body. (X3) missed par twice
15 yards, 2 ½ seconds, draw and fire one shot to body (X5) gave 3 seconds, all clean

I also performed 2 FAST drills after this with 7 second par times. I dropped 1 body shot each time because I take too long for the first head shot and then rush the body shots without getting on the sights properly.

After that it was off to the plate rack, I had a decent amount of success drawing to 6 inch plates ~10yds away, but this was mainly for fun and to blow off steam.

I am enamored with the P30 and especially the LEM trigger. I used to have a P30S v3 that I hated due to the weak trigger spring and safety. v2 LEM gives me a strong push to reset with a rolling break that is like an easy button for shooting at speed.

Some miscellaneous takeaways:
  • I held the slide release down 2x and will work on my grip before getting different levers
  • I hold the slide lock in the up position while shooting SHO and have adjusted grip accordingly
  • SHO and WHO need some work
  • I was doing a poor job of tracking the front sight at times and resorted to point shooting. Surprisingly, this resulted in misses.
  • After blacking out the rear and painting the front green the stock sights will work until I can find a local person to replace the sights.

More to come.
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Do you find you're having more of an issue with the slide lock lever with the non-S gun as opposed to when you were running the "S"?

Also, the 10-8 rear sights for the P30/Hk45 should be ready soon.

*edited to add: the 10-8 rear is being pushed back again...
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