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Since few people asked I thought I would post it here...

Well took out the P30 today with a couple other 9mm's, the P2000 and P99.

Put about 200 rds through the P30 and the remainder split up between the P99 and P2000. There were no malfunctions of any usual. Let me say that the P30 is an accurate little pistol! I found it more accurate than the P2000 and attribute it mainly to the grip. With the P2000 I felt that with the grip being smaller I had to think more about trigger finger control for every shot. With the P30 the grips were just right in terms of my ability to manipulate the trigger...don't know if that makes sense.

The grip was great as well in terms of bringing the sight picture consistently after every shot and while many complain about the long reset on HK triggers I have become used to it and can pull off double taps without much difficulty. This is one reason I love the P2000 and P30, I always get a consistent return of the sights every shot. With the P30 I just felt the gun didn't move as much in the hand during muzzle flip.

The P30 also handled recoil very well, better than the P2000. Not sure if this is a function of the grip as well. I don't have pictures but I was shooting about a 3" group at 12 yards...which for me is pretty good.

The P99 is an awesome gun as well. Accuracy was about a wash with the P30 but to me was better than the P2000. This again is a function of the shooter(me). The recoil on the P99 is definately snappier than the P30. Trigger on the gun is sweet (A/S) with an extremly fast reset which lends itself well to rapid shooting. As ergonomic as the Walther P99 is, to me the P30 just feels much better. This is coming from someone who LOVES the Walther. Well Sorry I don't have pics for you guys but hope this was helpful.

outstanding; i am absolutely in love with the p30 and can't wait to get it. the only question is to go with the p30 or the slightly larger framed USP45....

oh well i still have time to decide :)

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P-30 Range Report..

The P-30 .9 mm gun shoots very smoothly... The recoil nudges a bit less than my P-2000 .9mm & .357 SIG... I had a rare chance to fire the new HK 45 pistol at HKPROFEST and liked it very much... The pistol to me had better handling features than the P-2000 grip frame... I don't feel that I need a hogue rubber grip piece to secure the weapon in my hand better... I really like the grip on the P-30 pistol... HK did this one right with all the features...

I was disappointed the P-2000 .9mm mags don't work with this gun... I need to buy more spare mags than just the one mag that came with my pistol...

I have an HK 45 pistol on order coming in at any time after HK USA signs off on them... I'm in the process of locating a good holster for this gun... Hopefully Serpa or Safari-Land will step up to the plate and serve...

I give two thumbs up for M.L. Security Products... Great Service you guys provide here on the board... LMK when the spare mags are available for purchase...

Stay tuned for the laser mount test...
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