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P30 LEM conversion. Any good news about that?

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After reading the thread and watching the videos about the LEM conversion of the HK45/c and beeing overwhelmed, I wanted to ask if there are any good news about the P30 LEM.

Either from H&K or home made solutions.
Most important thing for me would be a shorter trigger reset.
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If the shorter reset is what you're looking for, send it to Grayguns (as V3 or as LEM). I have a P30L, started out V3 and I converted it to LEM with the kit mentioned above. After shooting it for a while, I sent it to Grayguns for their Reduced Reset Duty package, and the reduction in reset is substantial. Not cheap, but worth the money if that's what you're looking for. As mag said, LEM itself won't shorten the reset, but a shorter reset is possible with custom work.

Edit: Doesn't look like you're in the US so I doubt Grayguns is an option for you...I don't know if there are quality gunsmiths in Europe that perform similar work.
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