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Thank all.

The dog's are the best German thing I have. Kima (Keemuh), is 5 years old. He is named after a GSD K9 in the New York State police that was killed in the line of duty. Trinity, is 11 months and a week. Her name we just picked because we like it, and with her being part of the breeders "TTT" litter the name worked and now has a meaning. Kima loves everyone, but has one hell of a bark. He even gets along with little dogs. Trinity is a pain. She is adorable, but HATES all other dogs (except Kima). We have tried everything with no luck.

here are a few more pics (HK related, just find the HK hidden in each photo...)

Kima- 3 months old

Kima- 7 Months

Trinity- 6 weeks

Trinity- 6 Weeks (2 left of one with yellow collar)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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