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P30/P2000 Holsters

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Does anyone know if a P2000 will fit securely in a P30 holster? I figure that it probably would with a leather holster...but how about kydex?

Thanks for any input!

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I carry almost exclusively with Comp-tac gear so I can speak for them and I own both a P30 and P2000. I have the FBI cant paddle holster made for the P30 and the P2000 fits it perfectly. My Two O'clock holster made for the P2000 also fits the P30 just fine. However, my Infidel holster made for the P2000 does not work with the P30 as it appears too tight. Any future holsters I get from Comp-tac will just be made for the P30 and should work for both pistols. Bill
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