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P30 Reliability

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I have an HK P30 9mm, assuming the gun was initially properly cleaned and oiled/greased, if for whatever reason, you were then unable to clean your weapon, after approx how many rounds would you begin to question reliability? This is assuming quality name brand ammo and no adverse environmental factors.
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Hk's focus for design and engineering is military and even more so for special forces units. By their very nature these units find themselves deep behind enemy lines, in sustained fire fights, on the constant run, and all of this for long periods of time where weapon maintenance might not be possible. Your P30 is designed to run and keep on running. Some might argue price but no one argues HK quality and reputation. "No Compromise" says it all. Your P30 is the finest production pistol made today. Congrats on a fine purchase and enjoy !!! Billl
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