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P30 vs. X

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I've been drooling the last couple weeks over the P2000 SK, so much so I'm ready to place the order. Until today.

I started reading about this thing called a P30. And a HK 45. Now I'm confused.

I have a Sig P245. I'm looking for something smaller with similar punch. Not interested in 9mm. I have not seen either a P30 in person or the HK 45.

What I'm gathering is that the P30 is only available in 9mm? Any plans for a .40? Sub-compact?

How about the HK 45? Sub-compact? I'm assuming it's larger than the P2000?

Too many choices. I might just stick with the 2000 SK decision in the .40
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The P30 is currently only offered in 9mm. If you do a search in the handgun section you will find all kinds of info including comparison pics with other guns.
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