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P30L 9mm model questions

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Hello everyone!

I am brand new to this forum and almost a newbie at HK guns so I wanted to ask few questions about a HK P30L which I am looking to purchase.

Looking at online stores, I found two different varieties of the same P30L model - 730903LLE-A5 (UPC 642230248816 - this looks like newer UPC) and 730903L-A5 (UPC 642230246171) - the first one is roughly $100 more than the second one almost everywhere. Both are 9mm, 15+1, SA/DA, no safety models. On some sites they are both designated v3 of the gun, but I think one is newer version than the other.

Unfortunately I can see no visible or specification difference between both and I am wondering what is the hidden cost difference.

Looking forward to your responses!
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Sounds like this is it!

Thank you for the quick response.
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