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P30L variation question

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Shopping for a P30L in 9mm.

HK site is not clear on the variations/safety choices, at least to me.

I have a HK45, with a safety/decocker. It allows me to carry in the cocked/locked 1911 mode.

I'm looking for the same in the P30? Is it variation 3, da/sa, with the safety lever, that will allow this?
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The P30 V3 decocker is at the rear of the slide, next to the left side of the hammer. A small rectangular button that you push/slide downward 1/8" to release the hammer, which falls against the nose of the catch (the catch always blocks the hammer fall, until the trigger pulls it out of the way at the end of the trigger stroke). The decocker button is actually an extension of the sear; pushing down on the button moves the sear out of the hammer's sear notch.

The P30LS safety lever works like a 1911 -- up for on, down for off. The safety can be on while manipulating the slide.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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