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P30S Range Report - Need a New Gun?

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I know there a lot of these but I wanted to add my feedback after ~700 flawless rounds with a P30s 9MM V3. I love the pistol.

I just completed my 3rd trip to the range and the P30 has performed flawlessly and is a joy to shoot. This last trip my groups were tightening up. I have shot mostly 115G WWB, some 124G Federal and 147G Winchester Talon HP. No issues with any of them and I have been lucky in that it has handled the low power rounds from the start. I have tremendous confidence in the pistol and my 45C as well. Both are DA/SA which is working well, but I do sometimes wonder about the LEM.

Now to the new pistol part. I have been thinking about the need for a "pocket gun", so I rented a Kahr PM9. Well it seems like a nice gun- well made etc, but I could not shoot it well, nor did I enjoyed it. I know the not shooting well part was me and it could be mastered, but one has to set priorities.

I took the PM9 back to the rental counter in short order and luckily they let me try a P200SK V3 at no charge (do you know where this is going?). I was amazed with that pistol! My first shot was dead center from the DA trigger and I was able to alternate between the P30 and the SK with great results. I own a G26 which is a similar size to the SK but I really like the almost equivalent site picture and grip angle in switching between the SK and the p30. I feel the g26 is a nice shooter but It takes some transition time and I think a lot of that is the grip angle.

Anyway, I learned 2 things. True Pocket pistols are too small for me to make a priority and I want a P2000SK 9mm. I am leaning towards LEM for this would be a carry gun if needed.

If there was only one thing I could complain about it is that I wish the P30s and P2000's could be switched between the V3 and Lem variants, because I will always feel I am missing something if I try to standardize on one action! I like the one battle of arms thinking, but the truth is Is I like variety more so.
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I want to hear more about these G26 witches!
P30 and P2000SK aren't that much different in size:

P30 = 6.99" X 5.43" X 1.37"
P2000SK = 7.00" X 5.04" X 1.34"

Did the P2000SK really feel much smaller to you? Have you tried carrying the P30 to see if you like carrying it?
LOL, I know this doesn't help, but I pocket carry my P2000sk .40 Light LEM using a Mika's special order holster custom made for the "sk". I guess it also helps wearing Tru-Spec 24/7 pants that have huge front pockets, I've come to love these pants and shorts!!!

NO, the "sk" is not a true pocket pistol, but if there's a will there's a way!!!!!
P30 and P2000SK aren't that much different in size:

P30 = 6.99" X 5.43" X 1.37"
P2000SK = 7.00" X 5.04" X 1.34"

Did the P2000SK really feel much smaller to you? Have you tried carrying the P30 to see if you like carrying it?
Those specs from the HK website are wrong. The ones listed for the SK are actually the p2000, not the p2000sk

The SK is 6.3L and 4.6H.... Not sure about the width...
Those specs from the HK website are wrong...
Ah. Interesting. That gets the SK a little closer to pocket pistol size.
I have not tried to carry the p30. I think it would be doable with the right set up. However, I think the 2000sk / G26 would be a lot more doable given size and weight. I believe that the g26 slide is a little wider and grip-wise more blocky than the HK in addition to other obvious differences.

The 2000sk is about the right size / weight trade off in terms of capacity / ability to carry and of course ability to shoot well. The small size of the PM9 would take a lot for me to get proficient- I was all over the target where as the previous 20 shots from the P30 were in the 10 and 9 ring. Perhaps others with real experience can comment on P30 vs SK carry.

I was very happy about how well the 2000sk shoots for its size and again the transition was really easy coming from the P30. Lots of practice with the p30 should translate to P2000SK proficiency. The same can't really be said for a transition to a g26. But again, I hold it in high regard in terms of reliability and shoot-ability for its size.

I guess I'll have to look into those Tru-spec pants. If the gun doesn't fit the pocket, the pocket must be made to fit the gun- LOL.
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av8or: Pocket carrying a "sk" took some time getting used to!!!!

Walking around with practically a "BLOCK" in your front pocket can be annoying, but after realizing that I wanted the reliability of the HK brand and a pocket pistol, I conformed. Once again it's going to take some time getting used to, so be patient if this is a carry method you chose.

The Tru-Spec pants offer a huge front pocket and the pants are designed so that the weight of the gun does not pull my pants down. Yes, if your staring at my front pockets you will see that I have something "odd" in my pockets, but how many people walk down the street and just stare at front pockets as people pass by???? Answer: only another gun lover! But to the average joe, they pay no attention. The custom Mika pocket holster (round cut) does a good job breaking up the outline of the pistol, but once again, you know something is there.

Good Luck
I carry my P30 40 s all the time. It conceals as easy as my Glock 23
The best thing is, the SK can shoot those P30 mags, too!
My P30 is my primary carry with an MTAC, and it is perfect for me (5'10" 195). I picked up an sk a little while back and have been working it in as a carry gun with an MTAC. Both are great in my opinion. The sk is noticeably smaller when carrying, but not enough to make me stop carrying my P30. I can notice the slight difference in width when IWB, but the main difference is the height...again, not enough to change my mind about the P30 being one of the best carry options that I have come across. Huge difference over carrying Sigs as far as weight. As of right now, I feel I shoot both equally well at speed. Both great guns!!! I guess I deviated from the original thread...Never been a pocket carrier, so I can't weigh in on that.
When will HK make a single stack?
....I wanted the gun/holster set-up that DID NOT cause me to have to upsize my pants and/or wear oversized shirts or photog vests, etc. to allow for correct concealment. I found that with the P30/MTAC combo, and the sk is no different. Both disappear nicely. OP, I agree with you, you do get a very similar sight picture when punching out the P30 and sk. Put that together with the same trigger variant on both, and you will have a very simple switch between the two despite the fact that the P30's grips will likely always feel more "like home".
Thanks for the feedback on the mtac. It is good to hear about success with both the P30 and the SK.

I was thinking more light IWB vs. Pocket carry originally for the SK size and weight.

I went ahead and ordered a v2 lem SK and the 2 springs to lighten it to v1. I am violating the stick to one trigger idea for the time being, but I really want to try the Light Lem.

I understand the comment on the Sig weight. A P229 40 cal sas in a versa max2 seemed like a great idea untill I strapped it on. It is doable, but a little heavy.
I almost went V2 with my sk, but had never shot the LEM trigger. Shortly after receiving it, I had the chance to dry fire an LEM in the shop, and it was really nice. From that brief encounter, I don't think the transition back and forth would be that bad for me, esepcially with the reset after the first shot being more similar to the SA reset on the V3. Only difference was the same weight on both pulls. Kind of wish I had gone LEM, but I guess that can be my next purchase. Still very happy with my sk. Looking forward to a range report.
I sent my 45c to HK to have a Light LEM installed. I also have a P30 V3 which, unfortunately according to HK, is what it is and cannot be converted. The P30 is a great gun and I would be hard pressed to part with it, but Light LEM is IMO the way to go. Although I have heard the usual complaints about HK customer service and turnaround time, I sent my gun in on a Monday and had it back on Thursday. I spent some time on the phone with the Armorer who did the work and in the end I am very pleased with the result.
NFK, It sounds like you tried and like the LEM. Glad to hear your experience with HK CS was a good one.

The new SK is finally in the mail and I should have it early next week. The light LEM springs were received swiftly from HK PARTS. I have a Silent Thunder IWB on order as well.

I may put some rounds down-range with the V2 before I change the springs it would be interesting to experience the difference. I also hope to put another few hundred through the P30 this weekend.
Great news! I received my SK 9MM Lem V2 and had a chance to take it to the range. I put roughly 220 rounds through it. The short version is : I love it!

The Lem was a little different than I expected. I thought the trigger would have the 7lb all the way through the motion of the trigger- like the Sig DAK. But many of you know it is very light for most of the pull and then the 7 lbs (stacks up) at the very end. I decided to take the pistol to the range in V2 form before converting it to light LEM. Truth be told I like the V2 as it is but I still ended up converting it. I shot 200 rds of WWB 115g with no issues and I shot about 20 or so round so Winchester Ranger 148G Talons. I had one issue during the entire session and at the time I thought it was a FTF. However in retrospect, I think I short stroked the trigger- did not hit the reset before trying to fire again. I was confusing at the time because I was trying to get a few shots off fast and that is when it occurred. I didn't have the awareness to let the trigger out and try the double strike capability. I racked the slide and reloaded the round and it worked the 2nd time. At this time I am attributing it to shooter error not the gun. I had a short stroke with the p30 once, but I realized it right away.

The Lem is a nice trigger and for a potential CCW I like the lack of complexity in it. I am excited to take it back out with the light Lem installed. I will report back.

Just a quick note on the conversion. For the SK I replaced the firing pin block spring and the trigger return spring. From my research on the forum the hammer spring is the same on all versions for the SK. The firing pin block spring was easy to do and It was interesting to see how it went together. I enjoyed this part of the process. I actually considering stopping at that point, because there was already an improvement in the trigger pull and I didn't think the V2 was bad to begin with. I went ahead and changed the trigger return spring, but it was a real hassle to get in. It took a good hour to get it in as it must be compressed in to fit. For a while I even thought it was not possible. It would be much easier to go back to the V2 TR spring as it is shaped different and falls right into place.

I also was able to pick up the extended magazine release and that was very easy to install. The picture above has the Light Lem and extended mag installed! The SK is ready for a return trip to the range.

Below is a picture of a target I shot at about 7 yards, ~20 rounds. I will not claim it is incredible shooting, but I felt good about it being my first every range trip with a new trigger. I compared it to a similar target I shot from the p30 and it was a little better. Shooting the LEM from the reset felt very similar to the SA on the P30.

Lastly, I took one picture of the SK next to a glock 26 since the comparison was made in earlier posts. They are very similar in size. The SK is a little larger in some dimensions and smaller in others. Overall, I am much happier with the SK in terms of its ergonomics and how well I can shoot it and how well the transition goes from my other HKs. Even he DA/SA to Lem trasition is not the bad. More precisely, the SA to Lem is not hat bad and a lot easier than going right to the Glock.

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