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P30SK techincal questions

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1. Does P30SK share the hammer spring / mainspring with P30/P30L, or it is a different part?

2. For those who own both P30SK and P2000sk, is the trigger reach using largest backstraps the same, or longer on one of those guns?

Thanks a ton in advance.
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Thanks to all of you, gents.

TooSixy, I was almost certain that was the case on springs. I was 100% certain that it would be you to clarify that :). I can't get as nice of a trigger pull on my 2000sk as I have on my P30 without compromising ignition reliability. Doubt that 30sk will be different then.

Squib, that was my perception too comparing a regular P30 to P2000sk, maybe a tad longer on 30. Didn't know if 30sk was similar to regular P30 in that regard.

Klaustrophobia, it is not really trigger reach that I care about, after all my Hks all have 4.1 parts, but I didn't want to complicate my post. It is a reach / finger position at the a trigger break point. I need my finger in a relatively neutral relaxed position at that point as opposed to all curled in, considering how close that trigger breaks in on LEM. Large back strap is what allows for that, and it also allows for a better retention of a highest strong hand grip. I don't care much about the comfort.
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