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P30SK techincal questions

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1. Does P30SK share the hammer spring / mainspring with P30/P30L, or it is a different part?

2. For those who own both P30SK and P2000sk, is the trigger reach using largest backstraps the same, or longer on one of those guns?

Thanks a ton in advance.
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the hammer spring on the P30sk and P2000sk are shorter than the USP or P30 springs. that being said i have swapped out my hammer springs for wolff springs which provide less stacking and smoother DA pull without really dropping the overall pull weight. in these cases i snipped the spring to the same length as the OEM P30sk spring and it was worked just fine for thousands of rounds. is this HK approved? probably not.

this is subjective but the trigger reach on the P30sk with largest backstrap feels a bit longer than the P2000sk, but it's pretty minimal. if you have really big hands i think the P30sk will be a better fit overall. otherwise i sort of prefer the P2000sk w flush baseplates.
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