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p30sk v4.1 lem conversion issue

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I finally decided to tackle the conversion from v3 to 4.1 got everything together, the TRS surprisingly was the easiest bit but the flat sear spring removal gave me the most struggles.

not that its done i go to put the slide back on and the darndest thing i had to push down on the slide to asseble it, it almost seems as though the disconnector is too high.

so i figure eh, maybe its a fluke go to test fire and the trigger has no tension i have to push it forward then i can dry fire but there is no reset. ive got to manually push the trigger forward each time.

what could be the culprit here? the TRS spring looks to be oriented properly with the right leg up and to the right of the frame (though the slide release lever moves freely without any tension)

well i found part of the problem, the TRS lower spring was in the front of the trigger not behind, which naturally the trs isnt going in nearly as easy now hah.
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Glad you got it resolved, though a pic of the legs' positions BEFORE removal would help with the re-installation. :)
Pushing down on the rear to mount the slide is normal. All of the P-series gun do this, not just your newly converted V4.1 P30SK. You probably hadn't paid close attention to this before the conversion.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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