Bored with it and have other interests.

What you’re seeing is a highly desireable Flux MP-17, first generation Flux brace. Only 350-400 of these were ever produced from what the company co-founder told me.

This MP-17 is set up identical to how I have mine set up in the Battlefield 2042 video game. I basically wanted to clone what I played with. It was a fun project but I’m looking for something else.

Please look up the brace and parts before judging the price. The brace alone has been seen selling from $1000-1400. Definitely not a cheap setup.

This setup will come with the following:
-Holosun 509T-GR (green reticle)
-Coyote Sig P320 slide with M17 optic cuts
-Sig P320 threaded barrel with LCI
-P320 FCU
-P320 mag release
-Flux MP-17 brace
-21 round magazines x3
-17 round magazine x1
-Sig Sauer grey case

Willing to listen to offers but I’m interested in the following:
-Springfield Hellion (Top priority)
-HK MR556 / 416
-HK MK23
-USP 9 (P8 would be awesome, or SD)
-IWI Galil ACE 13” 5.45 model (Gen 1)
-Other unique stuff.
-Add cash where needed for even trades
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Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Composite material