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Hi guys, I own a few P7s and I'm thinking about selling one or two of them. There are two different types of factory grips on my guns, see:

On has a "thumb rest" straight across, the other one is curved.

My questions are, were they used concurrently, or is one earlier than the other?

Reason being, one of the P7s I want to keep has the straight thumb grip, but I prefer the feel of the curved one. I could just swap grips before I sell, but I don't want to do that if it would not be period correct.

What throws me off is that my lowest serial number P7 has the straight grip, one with a higher serial number has the curved grip, but one with a higher serial number still has a straight grip again. I guess it's possible that a previous owner did some swapping there...

Anybody know for sure when the grips changed?

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