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P7 Hardchroming

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I am looking to have a P7 hardchromed and have read a wide variety of reviews. From most accounts, Tripp, Ford's, and Metalife all do great work. Here is my dilemna. With an FFL discount, Tripp and Ford's charge almost exactly the same amount. I have decided that I will go with Tripp if I choose either of these two. However, Mahovsky's Metalife will charge me just over $100 less to perform the same work, and he is within driving distance so there are no shipping charges. From those that have had your P7s done by Metalife, Tripp, or both, what are your thoughts. I know everyone is going to say Tripp does excellent work but is it worth that much extra? (Especially since I may have more than one done) If Metalife does quality work, the difference in price will pay for a set of Nill grips. Thanks for any input.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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