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P7K3 on Armslist... too good to be true

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This is a scam... ask me how I know!

I did manage to have a little (polite) fun as it became evident that this was not going to happen. I am easily entertained.

I have attempted to mark it as a scam on Armslist, but I cannot tell if they have flagged it. Buyer beware.
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Thanks for the warning--- marked as a scam--- you were correct!!! :biggrin:

If you look up the definition of Armslist, you'll see it is defined as "too good to be true"..."also, referred to as scam".
Armslist used to be a pretty fair source of weapons at a good price but now it's just flooded with scams. I have wiped it from the vocab. More of a waste of time than anything.

Here's a new in box MK23 for the amazing price of $1350! These subhuman knuckle draggers need to be beaten unmercifully!
I buy from Armslist as long as the seller is driving distance from me and we can do a face to face transaction. If they refuse to do F2F then you know it's a scam. I just ask to meet them at an FFL/LGS in our vicinity.
I haven't EVER even gotten a reply. Written to maybe 15 ads, some several times. Not one, single response.

Not an effective scam if you never respond to an inquiry?
It seems like Gunsamaerica has a lot of scams on HK stuff as well. Buyer beware!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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