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I've carried P7M8s since the Eighties-- the NINETEEN Eighties that is.

In prep for election panic and/or visits from Iran's hordes, I decided to buy a couple Glocks.

Well, with the same ammo, it's not TOO big a surprise the P7 has less felt recoil-- the gas operation absorbs some of the push.

but I swear it actually SOUNDS softer!!! Sort of the difference between Glock's POP and P7's PPPFFFFT.

Other differences: P7 is faster back on target, but it's slower overall due to the longer reset. Actually the two may average each other out, making them very close in terms of speed. (I was shooting a G19 Gen 4 with a stock trigger, measured at almost exactly 6lbs)

P7 is flatter; it's harder to feel and much harder to see concealed on the hip.

The spare mag sits in the front pocket much more easily than the Glock-- with the double stack, I look like I'm VERY happy to see somebody.

Obviously, tho, since 99 percent of gunfights are fought only with the rounds you have in the gun, the G19 has some serious tactical advantages. And even with fully loaded mags inserted, the G19 feels lighter than the P7

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And even with fully loaded mags inserted, the G19 feels lighter than the P7
I've noted that a few times myself. But the P30 fully loaded is roughly the same size and fills the same roll as the G19. I feel it is a much better package personally, and with a fuller grip. The G19 is the .38 special of our day; everybody seems to own one for the range. But when it comes to carry, I'll always go P30 over the G19.

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i hate to rain on your parade.... yes, the P30 has a better grip than the G19, however - the standard trigger of the P30 sucks big time. i take the more predictable "boring" Glock trigger anytime over that awful P30 trigger with a super long reset.

on a side note... the G19 in Gen4 has a neat dual recoil spring (USP style...) where the P30 has a conventional recoil system. not a huge issue with standard range 9mm, but the G19 feels softer when shooting +P compared to the P30.

and last but not least... $550 versus $850 (+ $ for a trigger job...) ....

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I had a G30 and an M13 and sold both of them. I still have a couple M8s. The .45ACP round in the G30 was a short, strong push without much flip. The M8 is a bit snappier but not pushy and with less flip. Same with the M13. The G36 is slimmer than the G30 but has the same profile. Never shot one but I'd guess it would be similar to the G30 but pushier at 6.7 ounces (20%) lighter.
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