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P9S 9mm Sport Group III

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Now I'm retired with lots of time I'm making web pages for some of my guns.
I only ever bought one H&K, so more a proud owner rather than a collector.

Hope you enjoy.

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Old world HK - now that's sweet!
That's a beauty and something i'd love to add to my collection someday
Its the one P9s I dont have........thanks for the killer pics of yours :)
Wow! Fantastic example. I love my sgIII but I'm missing that original case!
P9s inspiration right there!

Awesomely put together webpage there pnines! I am deeply in love with my recent P9s combat purchase, your presentation just made the heart flutter more. hehehe
What a nice gun this is one that is on my wish list great pics
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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