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Dose anyone no how many P9S 45 Combats were made to the number of P9S 45 Targets? I'd also like to no how many were made each year they were made. I'd also like the same info for the P9S 9mm on the numbers of Combats to Targets.
Any info will help
Thanks Nick
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Went to my 'library' to get "The official history of the Oberndorf company of Heckler & Koch" (2001) by Kersten & Schmid.

On page 58 it indicates:
- P9S .45ACP was produced to a number of "about 8,000" (Serial #'s 400001-408225, as of 03/93) beginning in 08/1976.
- P9S 9mm was produced to a number of 41,000 (Serial #'s 100001-141135, as of 03/93) beginning in 01/1970.
- P9S 7.65mmX21.5 was produced to a number of 600 (Serial #'s 200001-200608) from 06/1973 through 04/20/1976. Numbers 200601 and 200602 were SACO imports (Security Arms Company - Arlington, VA)

On page 70, it shows the P9S Sport ("The P9S Target Pistol") production began in 1973, but fails to indicate the number produced.

Interestingly, I cannot find a reference to there being a P9S "Combat". I believe that 'P9S Combat' and 'P9S' can be used interchangeably and are one in the same.

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to look up, as it's not too far a walk to my 'library'. :biggrin:
I know my P9S Target 9mm was much harder to find then the same in 45acp
Thanks italia that helps a lot. Thats more info than I had and greatful for it.
Combat is the type of sites on the gun. They made a Combat and Target model. My box for my 9mm says P9S 9mm Combat Sites on the factory sicker.
Thanks Again Nick
No problem Nick. BTW, nice collection of HK firearms you have. The book is a great Christmas gift if you have any loved ones looking to get you something - only $36.95
The book is on order I have not got it yet I also bougt The guns of the Grey Room book
Cool. I really want the Grey Room book. Guess I can add it to my wish list!

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