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I recently bought a new slide for my P9S from I wanted the taller adjustable sights so I could see them over a can.

The slide looked brand new, with no extra markings except the "HK Chantilly VA" import marking on the right side. The new side did not have the polished blued sides like the original one did, but otherwise all the factory markings were the same.

The slide fit a little tight, especially on the farthest forward half inch of travel. If I let the slide forward slowly, the spring would not push it fully into battery. However, if I pulled the slide back and released it generally would go all the way into battery. I lubed it well and cycled it by hand several times. I figured I'd give it a few hundred rounds to break it in and see how it did then.

The other noticeable difference was that the slide would not go rearward far enough to engage the slide stop. It stopped approximately 1/8" before engaging the stop. Measurement shows the slide stop notch in the slide is actually cut in a different location on the new slide. Measurements from the same spot on the front of the slide are marked below.

Here's what it looks like when I pull the slide fully to the rear. You can see how it needs to travel a little farther before the catch can engage.

I shot it for the first time today with the new slide. The sights were hitting at POA at 20 yds. using 147 gr. ammo. I was not surprised when the slide would not return fully to battery when firing. I would have to push it the last 1/8" or so to fully close. After 3 or 4 mags I stripped it, re-oiled and reassembled. After that it seemed to run fine. I don't think it failed to return fully to battery after that. I only ran a little over 100 rounds through it, but this was encouraging.

The other thing I discovered was that the slide actually would move far enough rearward to engage the slide stop. Of course, it was now in so tight I could not disengage the stop. I had to use a small flat screwdriver and a mallet to gently tap the catch out of the notch. After doing that a couple of times, I would shoot until the mag was empty but there was still a round in the chamber. At this point, I would leave the gun hot, engage the safety and lower the hammer. Then I would reload mags and repeat.

I'm thinking I'll use a small file and adjust the notch until it matches the location on the original slide.

Does anyone know when / why HK would have changed the location of the notch? Was the mag catch modified on later frames? Or possibly the buffer was slightly shorter, allowing a little more slide travel. It appears I'll be able to get this working fine. I'm mostly just curious.

Also, the gun choked occasionally on the JHP ammo I was using. It seems to prefer FMJ profile bullets for 100% reliability.
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