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Ladies and Gentlemen;
I have the opportunity to buy a P9S in 9mm. The price is $525 OTD, it comes with one magazine, and Pachmayer grips.
Here's my questions; One I found that I can get replacement grips from Numrich and that they also have replacement mags, and the buffer. I want to return this piece to as close to factory stock as possible, and use it as a range piece and sometimes carry.
Is there anything I need to look for before I buy, and what ammunition would be appropriate to use in it? Also the trigger on it seemed awfully light, is that normal? And what's the scuttlebutt on those mags from Keep Shooting .com? And where can I find grip screws?
Thank you in advance. Dale
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That's the wonderful P9 trigger. If it's not a surplus pistol and in decent shape....great price. I've never had an issue with any 9mm ammo in my pistols. I only have factory mags for my stuff, so no idea about the cheaper replacements.
Where can I find grip screws?
You might try Adam at You have probably already realized that Numrich doesn't have them......other than that, you haunt GB and Ebay hoping for a set of grips that come with the screws to pop up. You could try H&K USA. You never know. What's wrong with the ones holding your Pachmayr's on?
All good recommendations, but I'll add one about ammo. The P9S was designed before the use of +P ammo become common, so I would not use the hot loads, as the chance for damage or increased wear is greater than on a newer pistol.
Just a thought, if you haven't considered changing the P9S Buffer, you should...a 30-40 year old plastic Buffer might have lost a bit of its original resilience. Some folks have pulled the buffer assembly and found nothing but plastic dust, while others have failed to check the buffer and damaged their frame.

You might find this How-To thread of interest:
When I bought mine the buffer looked good but I ordered a new one anyways....good thing I did. When I compared the new to the old, the old was about 1/8" shorter than the new. Even if it looks good repace it. They must dry out with age.
Is it a Target or Combat model? If it has an adjustable rear sight, its a Target.
It's a Combat model, ive already been looking at getting at least 2 replacement buffers, and according to the members over at the SIG Forum the replacement mags I mentioned are good ones.
As for the grip screws, I didn't notice any on the back side of the Pachys...guess I was too stunned by that trigger!;)
Thank you for your help here! Dale
That price seems pretty good for the P9S.
I'd love to pick one up in 9mm myself some day.... :25:
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