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I have some USP tacticals with the factory standard match trigger and love them! I am considering getting a match kit to install in one of my regular USPs. I know many have done it themselves and many have sent it to HK or other shops to have it done, but I want to do it myself. I am mechanically inclined and have no fear of tearing into one of my pistols. I've read that some kits require some fitting and even some polishing of the parts is recommended. Can anyone explain what it means to "polish" the small parts prior to install? The only polishing I am familiar with is taking compound and a wheel to the various pieces on my old school shovelhead bike I built. What differences will I see from a typical "drop-in" kit opposed to a "polished" drop-in one?
Thanks for any advice.
You can drop it in, or you can do some trigger smoothing to help smoothing out the pull.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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