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Photos by Stickman

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Here is the start of pictures, but around the net, in articles, magazines, training tips, and other areas, you can expect to see us proudly using Dakota Tactical equipment. We have a few projects in the hopper with Joe, and are working with some of the others who we consider to be the best in the industry as well.

If Joe doesn't mind, we would like to keep an open thread running here, and we will update it the best we can. Sometimes just with pictures, sometimes with training info, sometimes with other works. This gives Joe a chance to jump in and answer questions, as well as us. Joe can speak for how, what, and why he does things, and we will be giving an honest assessment as we go along.

Joe, thanks for your help. For anyone wondering, this is the first of our builds, and we bought it here off the board from a member.
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361 - 374 of 374 Posts