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I picked up a Bund HK4 yesterday with the .22lr conversion kit that has the matching serial number. When I got it home I learned that this is supposed to lock back on an empty mag so I decided to so a detail strip and clean. It was difficult. I had a few of the springs fly out multiple times, but with my LED maglite, I was able to find them every time so lady luck was on my side. It turns out that the ejector holds the slide back using a small indentation in the roof of the slide and I fixed it (detailed in another post).

The .22lr kit is pretty cool, but it doesn't have the .22 extractor. The regular extractor does hold the .22 ctg, but it doesn't cycle manually very well and doesn't really eject. I pulled a bullet from the case to try an empty and it's the same. Maybe the fluted chamber assists in function with actually fired? How do I identify the "mythical" universal extractor?

If anyone has any words of wisdom or has a .22 extractor, please let me know.

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