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Picked up my CA89K today She is sweet! "Pics"

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Ive always wanted a SP89. I love the look and feel of it. I shot a MP5k in full auto when I was a teen. My dads buddy had 1. I can't justify a HK SP89 at $4000.00 so I got the next best thing. Cohaire Arms is making these with HK parts and after market parts on their receiver. I am very happy so far I will fire it this weekend. I added a B&T mount and a Aimpoint Micro T-1. The Micro T-1 does co witness the sights. The only problem I have with the gun is the selector switches felt loose. I took them out and added shims to the left one this tightened everything up. I dont like the navy lower that came with it so I added the FA navy housing. Its on a form 1.............

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