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As is says above, please post pics of your Kaluban Cloak holsters and mag carriers. I just ordered a holster with the pancake loops and a single mag carrier with a paddle for my HK P2000sk. I tried the coyote color because I wear mostly khaki cargo shorts and untucked t-shirts in the summer. I tried the straight cant for 3 o'clock position with a reduced sweat guard. A great summer belt is the 5.11 Tactical Double Duty GRN/BLK web belt.

Some of my other P2000sk holsters are the Fist Inc. IWB kydex, Safariland 527, Galco Belly Band, Blackhawk Serpa and Bianchi Black Widow. Some of these I wear to court when dressed up, but not in uniform.

I'll try to post pics of my gear upon arrival.
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