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Pictures of P30 in Safariland Holster

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Following are pictures of a P30 in a Safariland 6281 holster made for the P30.
The retention strap could be just a little further away from the hammer, it is a little hard to open.

Will try my HK45 in the holster as soon as I get it, and post some pics if it fits.

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What kind of belt are you wearing ? I have been looking for one like that. Thanks for any info.
The belt is a Safariland 999. It is a hook and loop (velcro) model with a basket weave finish. The new Safariland web site leaves much to be desired, and it is hard to find things on there. Do a search for 999.

BTW - In the pics, that is Mrs. Kenji with HER P30, HER Safariland holster and belt.
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