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Plastic Fantastic PTR Magazine "NOT"

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I witnessed an interesting issue with a PTR rifle the other day while shooting at Angeles range in Ca.

The young man who owned the weapon was (6) benches away from me when another shooting partner pointed and said that's the first time I've seen another rifle like yours at the range. I walked over to look at the rifle when I noticed he was having issues with the weapon. Upon closer examination I noticed that the PTR 10 round magazine was literally coming apart!

I asked to inspect the weapon which he let me due to his inexperience with the weapons platform and his utter confusion as to what the heck was happening.

I also noticed the Rad lock system (California Requirement) was coming apart, I then noticed that mag catch was busted?

I asked a couple of questions of the owner and was informed that the rifle was new and that it was his first time out with it.

My conclusions of the PTR rifle were OK but the magazine was cheaply constructed and literally came apart at the seams. It felt plastically and cheap. It was stamped on the boom floor plate PTR 91. I would think that who ever installed the Rad lock busted the mag catch, from my conservation with the owner it was done at the factory. Could anyone here verify that PTR installs them at there factory?

Thought I should also make mention that after I diagnosed the problems and explained them to the owner. I lent him a magazine and he kept on shooting by holding the mag in place with the bottom of his hand. LOL
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I cannot confirm this via PTR, but I have never seen a California specific SKU from PTR.
Don't know about PTR, but as far as the bullet button, I think this is the way to go after MM built me a rifle:

If you did it in steel, it would be bullet proof.
The raddlock for HKs always bothered me, seemed kind of cheap.
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