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I'd like to be able to run my POF 5PK left-handed, and it seems like the only thing missing is an ambi selector switch. Now, I thought about just getting an ambi lever set from HKParts, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with the POF lower. My other option is to just get a brand new lower, like this one and then get the matching selector switches.

My questions are
a) would the ambi switch work without issue, and
b) even if it did but I just wanted to spend money frivolously on the housing with just bullet markings for 0, 1 - is it an easy swap?

I only recently got my POF 5PK and I love it but I just have so many questions on possible upgrades. I'm hoping you don't mind as I run through this love affair and turn to the pros for advice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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