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polymer vs metal ejection port cover ?

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Ive seen some threads on here hit on the topic but never any oppions on which one members prefer.

Polymer or Metal...what would you chose and why ?

Would you replace the metal 416 ejection port cover with the mr556 polymer one ?
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AGR notes that the 416Ns come with polymer. How have they held up in the cold and in the sandbox so far?
No issues with the covers, when it comes to durability.

The only issues we have had, is with the EPC spring assembly. It occurs during winter, when people do not lube it properly and moisture gets trapped, it can/will freeze. When people close the EPC, the spring is stuck to the pin and doesn't move, and loses one revolution of tension, rendering the EPC to lose the spring loaded function. An easy fix if it happens, and very easy to prevent by preforming proper field maintenance.

It is a thing that happens, but I haven't seen to many cases personally, maybe 3 incidents over the past 4 years. Never happened to my gun.
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