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After reading the thread speaking poorly of my new arms dealer (Cooler) I really had to speak up and come to this guys defense... I pre-ordered two Sig 250's from him, changed my mind, and decided on an HK45, and the guy said no problem. I had purchased a Sig556 from another place and wanted the SWAT version instead and Rob once agian, cut me a great deal to trade in my 556 towards a SWAT. So far, all of this and he hasn't even gotten paid. So then, realizing that Rob's place is only about an hour away from mine, I drove up there when the HK45 came in, about 2.5 weeks ago, got that, and then Rob (wearing an HK shirt) pulls out a full auto MP5 and hands me the rifle and a bag full of fully loaded mags for it, and says, "you really have to try one of these out". So he picks up a pumpkin from the dorstep of his house and drives me out to the nearest range, and lets me lay waste to his wife's decorative pumpkin... wow, I have never had such a blast, and haven't had a chance to shoot an MP5 before. Kudos to Rob for being such a great guy.

Since then, I have bought my second HK45 from him, ordered two HK45c's and just purchased a P2000SK plus a couple of extra mags a couple of days ago, all at great prices. Sure, my Sig SWAT isn't in quite yet, but damn, it's not this guys fault. He calls his Sig rep regulary and calls me more than he needs to to keep me updated. On more than one occation i have sent him an email late at night about a dumb question or two and the guy has called me back moments later. I can't imagine him ignoring any of his customers, he is a really great guy to deal with and goes out of his way to keep me informed on everything. Each and every other dealer i have purchased from I have had to prod every other day it seems to find out what is going on with a special order, but this guy orders direct from HK and Sig and keeps me in the loop on everything. I would think that by far, most everyone has had very positive experiances with Rob. I am a business owner and a very busy guy and Rob has made sure that they can take care of business with me around my schedule.

I Hope everyone checks out and gives this guy a chance, he really goes out of his way to be accessible and helpfull to his customers.
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