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Positive for Gordon @

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I know this is more for users to leave each other feedback but I absolutely must leave Gordon from a positive. His service is top-notch, no insults or pun intended lol. :)

I needed an HK UMP NAVY lower receiver and some HK UMP .45 mags asap. I place an order on Friday, sent in a money order on Saturday for overnight express and informed Gordon it would be there Monday.

Well, he was busy and was out of the office when it came on Monday. I didn't think to wave the signature so he wasn't there to be able to sign for my letter when it came. He came back to the office to find a delivery note for it.

Gordon basically took my word for the fact the money order was in the correct amount and shipped out my parts anyway. I wasn't expecting them until next week but I already have them in my hot little hands ready to be modified for action. :)

Gordon was absolutely great with answering all my questions, giving me suggestions etc. I highly recommend him for any parts you guys need for your HK USC to HK UMP conversions or any other hard to find MP5 parts, etc.

Also the fact his prices are $50 plus dollars cheaper then everyone else for these items made me happy.

Thanks Gordon!