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For a weapon that may be used for HD or possible carry I prefer to purchase new. However I found a deal on a great looking used P2000 V1 with LEM, so I bought it.

Just to ease any doubt in my mind that something might not be up to factory specs, I called HK Service Center on Monday July 2 and ask if I could send it in for a detailed inspection, and conversion to light LEM. I was given a R/A number and I sent it in via FedEx that day.

I called HK today, was transferred to one of their gunsmiths who told me my pistol looked and operated as new and was within all factory specs. He had made the conversion to light LEM and as I had requested installed the HK45C mag release and slim slide releases, along with Mep night sights. Said it would be shipped today and I will receive it tomorrow, Friday July 6.

I call that fantastic service and want to thank HK for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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