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These were listed as police trade-ins for $500 each. My freindly neighborhood FFL ordered 2, one for me and one for himself. First, a few pictures:

Left side

Right side




Both of the pistols we got were converted to LEM. I would rate mine to be in overall external condition at fair. It came with Meprolight night sights that are brighter ones that I bought from CDNN two years ago, when they were selling them for $50 a set. The outside of the barrel looks to me like the pistol has very few rounds through it. Internally, I would rate it at very good. It looks like whoever did the LEM conversion had some trouble with the trigger return spring part of the conversion, because the area was a little chewed up. As received the magazine was covered in surface rust and wouldn't even lift the slide catch, it also had the stupid finger extension floor plate. The trigger pull averaged just under 8 pounds for 5 pulls on my cheapo Lyman trigger scale.

So, I had a good take-out spring for the mag and a flat floor plate. Some steel wool, elbow grease and CLP, the mag seems to be functioning well. I added an HK45c mag catch that I had laying around. I also had the light firing pin block spring and a new style firing pin block. Installing those knocked about a pound off of the trigger pull. I also had the light TR spring (I had all of these parts for another USPc that was stolen), installing that spring brought the trigger pull down to around 4.75 pounds. I picked the paint out of the grooves for the safety indicators.

All that is left is to take her to the range and see how she shoots. If I like it as much as I did my last one, I may trade my new HK45c off for a P2000SK. Does anyone know what department these were traded in by?

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I bought one too. I have thought about calling HK to see what kind of data they have on them, and since you noted that they were converted to LEM I might ask what version they show them as.

My slide is rougher Internals look good. I do not know the mechanisms well enough to spot the springs, scratches, etc as you do, but I am eager to learn. The Meps on mine are pretty decent too. Is has an '04 date code, and yes it has the finger plate too. I do not mind it as much as you do I guess.
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